Day 8 and Day 9 of Little Things That Make Me Smile

Apologies for not posting yesterday – two for the price of one today!


This cute postcard from Paperchase.



Lola sleeping in the washing basket made me laugh out loud this morning!

Want to join in the fun?

Read this post that explains what the challenge is – and start noticing the little things that make you smile each day.

On social media? Tag me in your tweets (@shimmerwithin) and don’t forget to use #itsthelittlethings on Twitter.

Have a smiley day 💋


6 thoughts on “Day 8 and Day 9 of Little Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Mine are mushy! 🙂
    My hubby doing the “I love You” sign to me while he was jogging, hehehe! and my daughter kissing me all over my face endlessly before we went to take a nap. 🙂


  2. Lola looks comfortable. I often smile when I’m comfortable, and sometimes when I’m not. My beloved Mother always said: “It takes more muscles to frown, then it does to smile.” So, I smile more because she is forever in my head, and in my heart. I also smile because if I don’t with my very dark skin tone, I look mean. Ugh!


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