Not your average festival experience @GinFields


Think festival and you could be forgiven for thinking I was knee deep in mud, portaloos and warm beer…

…err not this gal!

My dream festival experience would include bunting, a restaurant quality barbecue and the finest alcoholic beverages served in glasses…

And guess what?

The HighField delivered exactly that!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GinFields – a very civilised, grown up festival!

It had all the fun and frolics you would expect to find at a Summer festival – including music, games, food, selfie props and bars.

But rather than a muddy field, camping chairs and pot noodles; we were in a beautiful garden complete with hay bales, sofas and amazing food!

And gin, more gin and guess what..?

G I N!

We had a fabulous time meeting interesting people and hearing stories from gin companies near and far and of course sampling the different varieties of gin.

However, don’t you worry if you feel you have missed out!

As gin is so fashionable right now, The HighField have made sure they have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Like your gin served in a grand coupe?

The HighField stock at least 10 different types of gin – served with ice, fruit and juniper berries.


Fancy a cocktail instead?

How about an English Garden? Hendricks Gin, cloudy apple juice, elderflower cordial, cucumber and of course the all important ice.

Or a jug of Pimms (while the sun is still shining)? This gin based classic is served with lemonade and fruit.

Or maybe you can be tempted with a Sipsmith London Cup? London Dry Gin infused with Earl Grey tea and lemon verbena, lemonade and ice.



How about a few facts to impress your friends next time they pop round for a G & T…?*

⭐️ Gin is actually flavoured vodka!

⭐️ Gin is meant to be mixed, not drunk straight – making it perfect for cocktails!

⭐️ Gin isn’t actually British! The English discovered that Dutch soldiers drank Jenever in the 17th century, to boost morale before heading into battle. The term “Dutch Courage” was born, and the English brought the idea of making and drinking gin back with them. It would take another 150 years before they would have their own version!

⭐️ London Dry gin is not always made in London!

⭐️ The Philippines drink more gin than any other country in the world!


GinFields was The HighField’s first ever Gin Festival – but I have a feeling that it may become an annual event!

What’s your favourite tipple? Is it gin? Let me know in the comments below…

The HighField

22 Highfield Road


B15 3DP

We paid for our own tickets to attend this event and I did not receive any reward for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and all photographs were either taken by me or used with permission from The HighField.

*Gin facts courtesy of


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