It’s the little things 18/07/16

It’s the little things that make me want to spin you right round, jump, jump, jump and do the Macarena.

Here’s a round up of all the little things from my week that have made my heart swell an my soul sing.

Setting my intentions
This flower – because who doesn’t like a little glitter?
I love a good transformation photo!
Another amazing transformation – creating a therapeutic garden at work
Spending the day with hubby always makes me smileΒ 

A little later than usual this week – but hey ‘Ease & Flow’ remember?

Have a great week guys and renember to notice the little things – they’re there to remind you to have a good day!

Nicky xo


14 thoughts on “It’s the little things 18/07/16

        1. But I bet they are amazing ones! I love my job, but it’s not always like that I can tell you. That was a special day and I’d been waiting for over a year to do it πŸ’›

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          1. I love my job too, but there are days that are trying. I suppose most people can say that about their chosen profession. I’m so glad you enjoy your work and I bet you really, truly make a difference in the kids’ lives!

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    1. It has good, calm energy already. The kids at school are going to enjoy being in there too – you have inspired me to start a reading club. Fabulous idea, Thankyou πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice pictures Nicky! You and your hubby look good together…and I like the yellow flower too. ☺ I also enjoyed family time this weekend! I wish you a great week ahead. ☺


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