The Kindness Challenge Concludes


Who knew that setting your intention every morning to look for the kindness in each day would have such an impact?

So, seven weeks ago I started The Kindness Challenge  created by Niki of The Richness of a Simple Life. 

Each week we were given a prompt (self kindness, find kindness, kind energy, be kind, ending the day with kindness, inspired by kindness and secret kindness) that you could choose to blog about, however you wished.

Any challenge I participate in excites me as it gives me an excuse to really stretch my creativity bone. I particularly enjoyed adding inspirational quotes to my photographs and creating mantras to use each morning to set my intention for the coming day.

I was surprised at how much this really worked – it was like priming your brain to really notice the kindness that was gong on all around you.

And believe me it was going on!

As well as witnessing kind acts, I created a few of my own (anonymously and intentionally) as I bought gifts, gave extra attention and ‘good gossiped’ about people to others.

I also rekindled my love of art journaling and this really helped me to focus on how I was going to integrate kindness into my everyday.

And finally I made a real effort at ending my day with gratitude – listing three things I was grateful for that day.

These little additions to my day were not difficult, costly nor time consuming. They were merely little ways to intentionally be kinder – to others and myself.

I would like to thank Niki for starting this revolution – and I do see it as a revolution, because let’s face it we all have days where we feel there needs to be a shift in society’s thinking.

So as this challenge ends, I’d like to ask a question:

Can you make time for kindness?

I’m sure we can all think of ways we can increase the amount of kindness going on in our busy lives.

I’m sure we can all find a moment to pause and speak to someone who needs to hear kind words.

I’m sure we can all find one way to be kinder to ourselves.

As for week seven’s challenge – secret kindness, I can’t write about it…it’s a secret!

But I’ll leave you with a reminder of my favourite quotes from this challenge and I hope you feel inspired.







13 thoughts on “The Kindness Challenge Concludes

  1. I don’t know how I missed this! Glad I decided to search the tag on Twitter to see if anything had been posted and I saw this. Thank you soooo much for participating in the challenge! I’m so happy that you’ve found so many ways to incorporate kindness in your life that benefit you. I’m so happy this could help in any way. I looooove the pictures you’ve posted along the way, they’re beautiful on their own and captivating with the wonderful quotes. May you continue to be mindful of yourself and a kind inspiration to those you cross paths with ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much! I’ve seen a couple of others continue to use it also and it’s been a lovely surprise! The more kindness we put out into the world the better! Awww I’d love to take the credit but the success has come from the way that you all embraced it and helped me carry this message out! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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