April challenge: a photo a day

So, continuing with the ‘let’s see what new things we can try our hand at’ theme, this month I decided to try my hand at a photo a day challenge.


This lovely little number came courtesy of Fat mum slim (find her on Instagram fatmumslim #fmsphotoaday)

I’ve only recently fallen back in love with my camera after having an off/on relationship for a couple of years! This photo of challenge was a great way to make me think about my photographs rather than be snap happy as I usually am!

I will confess – I didn’t complete the challenge. I had a couple of days where I couldn’t find time to do it and I found it difficult to take photographs on the weekend of my brother’s anniversary. But hey ho! I’m not going to feel too guilty as I thoroughly enjoyed the shots I did do (focus on the positives).

Here are some of my favourites…

I am always going to sneak in a few flowers here and there…
…and interesting plants!

I also enjoyed documenting a few days out…

The big family breakfast meet up

…and indulgently sharing some of my favourites…

This reminder to ‘let it go’
This new venture

It’s hard not to compare your photographs to others  – and some were absolutely amazing, let me tell you. But there is opportunity for learning in everything, so I focused on the positives and vowed to keep practising.

Moving forward is better than standing still.

I also learned that prompts are open to interpretation and feel that we can relate this to our lives. How you see things may not be how others see them and that’s okay. The world needs your story – so be you and tell your story your way.

Keep going, continually moving forward and you will keep improving.



Let me know your thoughts...

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