Change your view, change your mood


“To see the beauty all around;

hold your head up high,

don’t look down.”

I said that.

I am a strong believer of choosing to be happy.

Easier said than done you may think.

I believe everyone has the ability to be happier, with intentional practise.

You have to put a little effort in here guys…particularly if you’re not feeling it right now.

Recently, I woke up feeling particularly flat. You know the kind of day when you want to bury yourself under the duvet never to be seen again?

My mood was not good. In my head the universe and everyone in it was conspiring against me. After a little pity party I knew I needed to do something, anything to improve my day. It was not going to change by itself.

I decided to go for a short walk and while I was out I was going to practise noticing stuff – beautiful stuff, stuff that made me smile.

And it worked. Probably a combination of the fresh air , a little vitamin D, the exercise…mostly I think because I had something to focus my mind on, a distraction if you like.

Here’s what I found…

walk flower 1

walk flower 2

walk tree

Nothing too taxing and it didn’t cost me a penny. But the walk was enough to pull me from my slump and I had taken some good photographs. I felt a little happier with myself that I had at least achieved something today and was just a little less hard on myself for then spending the remainder of the day chilling.

I wonder what you can do, to lift your spirits a little?

We’re not talking expensive, momentous or difficult – just something that you know will soothe your soul.

My favourite go-to’s include:

⭐️ Taking a candlelit bath – locking the world out for just half an hour

⭐️ Writing down the lyrics to a song that describes how I’m feeling – sometimes an 80’s rock ballad is all you need!

⭐️ Snuggling on the sofa with a book or Netflix – House of Cards Season 4 🙂

⭐️ Buying a present for someone else – always makes you feel good

⭐️ Planning my perfect bedroom on Pinterest – no limits on square feet and money

⭐️ Going for a walk – just do it!

Remember – you have within you the ability to change your mood, just by changing how you view your day. Just think about the next thing you need to do and always, always do it with love.



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