Valentines Day – is it worth all the hype?

wooden hearts

Let me make one thing clear, I am a total romantic.

I’m married to a wonderful man and I believe in love, gifts and sharing experiences together – I really do.

But I just don’t buy into all the hype.

We can show important people in our lives love on any day and in any way that you choose – not just the one day the card industry designates and not only with twelve red roses.

If you’re feeling loved right now and have had a great morning so far, I am genuinely happy for you.

But just so you know, you don’t need to wait until February nor do you need Prince Charming to shower you with love. You can sprinkle yourself with a little love any time.

Here’s my seven go-to things that I do when I’m in need of a little love.

I go to bed early – to sleep, read or just lie there and be grateful

I enjoy being girly – I buy sparkly things, wear make up, dress up

I pamper myself – long hot baths, face masks, candles (you get the picture)

I embrace my imperfections – I acknowledge that some days are better than others

I exercise – the gym, yoga at home or a short walk – it’s all good

I enjoy my food – nothing is off limits (but everything in moderation)

I buy myself flowers – why not?

Be nice to yourself, give yourself a break, love yourself just a little bit more today.

Nicky x






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