Hey there!


Welcome to my little (read minuscule), corner of the web.

As I sit in my quiet kitchen (I’m home alone), I’m trying to find the right words to type, whilst totally being myself.

I’m surrounded by candlelight, there’s quiet jazz on in the background and all that’s missing is a glass of something bubbly.

I’m smiling to myself when I acknowledge just how far I’ve come – spending time doing the little things that make me smile is what I’m all about these days.

Welcome to The Shimmer Within Her – created after months of actively reflecting deep within myself.

Shimmer: to shine with or reflect a soft tremulous light

Within: deep inside, contained

Let’s embrace ourselves, all of ourselves – yes even the ugly bits. But let’s also work on ourselves to find the magic within us that makes us beautiful.

We all deserve to shine.

Nicky x


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