Grab your Pom-Poms – 5 quotes to inspire your inner cheerleader

We all have times when we feel stuck or lost, deflated or frustrated, unhappy or unimpressed with some part of our lives.

From time to time it’s normal to question the choices we’re making, wonder where our lives are headed or lose all motivation to change.

Sometimes you need a little pick me up.

Someone championing you from the sidelines like your own personal cheerleader.

We can all be a great friend to others; supporting them through dark days; cheering them up when things aren’t going how they’d planned; being generous with gifts or words to brighten someone’s day.

But how often do we do this for ourselves?

When was the last time you bought yourself flowers, or treated yourself to an afternoon on the sofa with that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages?

When did you last commend yourself on a job well done orΒ look in the mirror and smile at the beautiful reflection?

I’m guessing many of you are thinking, “Not very often” or perhaps even “…err never?”

I believe in self care – I think it’s instrumental in proving to yourself that you are important. You are an amazing human being and you are so worth it. Cue hair swish!

So, here are 5 quotes to inspire you; to help you see you can unlock the power of self belief; to motivate you to become your own cheerleader.


It starts with you and your thoughts. Keep them positive.


Stay true to what you know and believe about yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others.


Make a difference. Stand out from the crowd. Be known for the little things.


Try new stuff – find what makes your soul sing.


You know what you need to do.

I thinkΒ you’re amazing – read why here. You’re wiser and stronger than you think you are.

Believe in yourself and trust you know what actions you need to take to become the best version of yourself.

Grab your pom-poms.

Be. Your. Own. Cheerleader.


12 thoughts on “Grab your Pom-Poms – 5 quotes to inspire your inner cheerleader

  1. Loved reading it! I really wanted to nominate you to do the 3 day quote challenge because your blog is so inspirational and filled with good positive energy! πŸ™‚ If you’re interested check out my latest blog post for more info. Keep up the amazing work ❀

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